Project Leader | Mentor

Maddalena Casadei

Project Authors

Himanshu Deore
Sonia Redon
George Goginashvili

The Black Box Food Concept

The students envisioned the black box food concept: it is composed of four main components, each of which provides essential nutrients required for a healthy human diet. The first component is a crunchy, salty, and carbohydrate-rich element, while the second is a meaty, umami, and protein-rich element. The third component is a sauce that provides most of the required fat content, and the fourth is a piece of scoby that provides a gelatinous, micronutrient-rich, and sweet element. These components are printed inside each other, reminiscent of a Russian doll, using a 3D printer equipped with an air fryer for cooking. After printing, the black box is ready to eat, and the user can put on the VR headset for an immersive eating experience.

The black box food concept has the potential to revolutionise the way we produce, consume, and experience food, leading to a more sustainable and healthier future.

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