Unboxing Mytheresa Metaverse Capsule Collection Workshop, in collaboration with Mytheresa, will involve students from the Master in Fashion Design, Master in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising, Master in Fashion Management and Master in Luxury Brand Management. Students will envision projects specifically related to their study path, ranging from proposing a comprehensive branding strategy, developing a capsule collection merging physical and digital products, to produce visual branded content articulated into a storytelling concept.

Kervis will engage Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design students to investigate the relationship between Modernist Architecture and contemporary city to the means of landscape urbanism, focusing on the Bicocca neighbourhood in Milan. Students will produce visions to inform Kervis’ project on that area, particularly suggesting proposals for the groundfloors, piazzas and the roofs.

De’ Longhi will involve Master in Product Design and Master in Interior & Living Design students in the Advanced Design & Processes workshop. Working on the concept of comfort, students will elaborate on products and environments to respond to the rapid evolution of the living scenarios, focusing on climate change issues and new consumers’ needs.

Master in Interaction Design, Master in Service Design and Master in Visual Brand Design students will have the chance to collaborate with Ostello Bello, proposing ideas to inform the brand in their future projects and developments.

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