Students developed interesting projects proposing the almost total removal of existing wall partitions and their replacement with transparent glass walls, opacified by different types of obscuring elements. Spaces became adaptable, lighter and widers thanks to the thick glass elements. The solution ensured the possibility to connect all the rooms and to let natural light filter inside.

The project reflects changes of domestic life, where spaces adapt to the needs and habits of those who live in.

The project realisation provided the involvement of some companies that have contribute to experimental social housing renovation.

The initiative has been developed in collaboration with Las Mobili srl, an Italian manufacturer of furniture and office elements, and Bandalux Italia srl, a Spanish manufacturer of curtains and blinds and with Cromology Italia spa, Mirage Granico Ceramico spa, Egoarredamenti  Hi Lite Next srl BCUBE srl Caremi Arredamenti & contact.

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