Taking inspiration from Monopoly, the oldest and most popular urban board game that has been developed in different local versions, students had to redesign the city of Milan and its future transformations.

Starting from this brief there were created 5 different project proposals: “Sarpi Social Street”, “Encounters”, “Love in Time of Pandemic”, “Triennale for Superstudio” and “Let’s work in a park”.

The talk will be opened by Mark Anderson, Director of Education of Domus Academy, who will pass the world to Aoi Hasegawa, Programme Leader of the Master’s in Interior & Living Design and in Product Design, for the presentation of the single projects.

Following, will take place a debate moderated by Elisa Poli, Programme Leader of the Master’s in Urban Vision & Architectural Design, on the actual role of the architecture and the future of the cities with the participation of Matilde Cassani, architect and artist, and Lucia Tozzi, academic of urban policies and journalist of the sector.

The talk will be held on the 19th of September at 11 am at Giardino Giancarlo De Carlo of  Triennale Milano. Join the event to know more about the creative ideas that came out!

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