Our Alumna Begüm Sardan, from the Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design, envisioned PIX-ISITE, an innovative urban development, smart moving spaces interacting with the city and people. In this city, it is possible to see PIX Robobuses spread everywhere, sometimes combined in group creating structures, sometimes on their own, delivering services and connecting with people, just like a parasite. The project takes its name from this concept.

“The aim of the project was to have a shareable, responsive, connectable, and achievable future in Pix-isite. With my groupmate Adrianna Karnaszewska, we have created two main scenarios, including different variations of functions and structures in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our focus was the way of living and how people can behave with robobuses, and I think thanks to that mentality, we could create safe, monitored social areas, and to have it in Rio was a plus”.

PIX-ISITE is a simple, steel-plugged structure that helps robobuses activate higher urban levels and result in new types of human-vehicle encounters. A mobile app was created to enable the interaction between the users and the service.


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