The results from Domus Academy are remarkable in light of publicly available statistics, such as the Employment Report for Professional Master Graduates conducted by the Interuniversity Consortium AlmaLaurea, which indicates an 86.9% employment rate within the first year post-graduation. Furthermore, the most recent 2022 Eurostat survey from the European Union’s statistical office reveals an average employment rate of 82.4% for tertiary education graduates (both undergraduate and postgraduate) within the European Union.

These findings inspire us to maintain our unwavering support for our students throughout their academic journey and as they embark on successful careers. We are enthusiastic about their potential as change-makers who positively influence the organizations they choose to be a part of.

*Considering the ratio between total number of employed and total number of graduates in the same year (not considering alumni that have pursued their academic path and the ones not looking for any job).

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