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Two new workshops in collaboration with Diesel

14 February 2019

Domus Academy Master in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising and Master in Fashion Design students started their collaboration with Diesel.

Master in Fashion Design students will work on Trashfull Upcycling Design, the Fashion Collection workshop. The students’ objective is to develop the ability to work for a specific brand and to deliver their unique personal interpretation. Students will present it by creating a capsule collection based on DIESEL’S main component: denim. Using existing recycled denim garments, by up-cycling and deconstructing these clothes, students will offer their personal and contemporary interpretation of the brand’s key pillars.

Master in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising students will work on the Retail & Visual Merchandising Workshop: Phygital Experience at Diesel. The workshop aims to create an omnichannel visual retail strategy where the “retail space” is considered the main touchpoint of the shopping experience. Students are asked to design a retail visual strategy for the upcycling denim Trashfull capsule collection proposed by Master in Fashion Design students, focusing on material innovation, both physical and digital and customer engagement. The objective of each project is to design an extraordinary phygital experience where the ordinary shopping experience is enriched by a stronger interaction with the customer and and involves a multisensorial experience that generates emotions and edutainment.

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