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Students Collaborate with Cisco to Design Curricula

24 April 2018

The way we learn has changed dramatically over the past 50 years: that is, the way we gather information, share it, publish it, and ultimately process it in order to develop specific skills. Learning has become ubiquitous, yet fragmented; immersive, yet ephemeral; accessible, yet unevenly distributed. Technology is playing a crucial role in helping educators and students plug into these new learning opportunities and better engage with these tensions.

Domus Academy students explored new learning possibilities by taking advantage of the latest technological communication tool introduced by Cisco Systems: Cisco Spark™ Board, now called “Cisco Webex Teams”.

Cisco Webex Team is a new team collaboration device that is fully cloud- and touch-based and that works with the Cisco Spark app to connect physical and virtual meeting rooms.

The students, guided by Dario Buzzini and Michele Marchetti, used the Spark Board to collaborate with each other. They also used the Spark Board as a platform for designing future learning curricula for ten different disciplines, gaining a view into what is coming in the education field.

The collection of all the projects created during this workshop is viewable at

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