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Morgane Roux and her Hitchcock-inspired interiors

24 August 2020

Domus Academy former student Morgane Roux, founder of Atelier Avéus, recently presented her new furnishing products by placing them in scenographic settings that pay homage to the most iconic Hitchcok movies.

Morgane Roux studied Architecture and she completed a Master’s in Industrial and Product Design in Domus Academy in 2015. In 2016 she founded her own design studio Atelier Avéus, based in London. The studio focuses on interior design, object design and artistic direction with a strong conceptual base. Atelier Avéus takes an entirely different approach by letting the setting take over from the product.

Her new collection showcases a range of design objects by placing them within a conceptual space inspired by the films of Hitchcock. Nods are given to three famous Hitchcock movies: Vertigo, Rebecca, and Rear Window. Hitchcock was a master at using architectural space as a means to create experiences of suspense. As Morgane points out: “Hitchcock often represented the physical world as a projection of a disturbed person.” In keeping with the film theme, this collection has been conceived similarly to a storyboard. The series blurs the boundary between fiction and reality by placing real design objects within fictitious settings. Each scene has been imbued with a strong narrative quality.

Her new set has been published on design magazines such as DesignWanted and AD. Congratulations Morgane!

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