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Light in Motion

12 May 2020

Workshop in collaboration with Rotaliana

Domus Academy’s students from the Master’s in Product Design, during the Advanced and Processes workshop, had the opportunity to collaborate with Rotaliana, one of the most prestigious companies in the field of light design. The workshop was conducted by Dante Donegani – Project Leader, Erika Baffico – Project Assistant and Aoi Hasegawa – Program Leader.

Light in Motion” aims to investigate the environmental contexts where the use of mobile, portable and rechargeable lighting devices can be interesting, functional, useful, plausible and comfortable. There were identified a series of new types of portable lamps similar to the traditional ones but which, unlike these, have a close relationship with human behaviours. The attempt is to free the light from the spatial elements that have been the constraints of traditional cable lamps.

In this workshop, students investigated the home environment in search of every-day actions and their needs, identifying a specific context to explore. The aim of this collection was to define a new perspective, where the lamp follows human behaviour and not the other way around. What was challenging about this task is that possibilities are endless. During the workshop, students gave birth of a series of dynamic objects that are almost “alive”, that complement human actions in a changing environment (the house). New ways of living coming with new ways of lighting.

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