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Interactive installation by Domus Academy Students at BASE

21 June 2019

Master’s in Interaction Design and Product Design students presented an interactive installation at BASE Music Innovation Hub. After taking part in a workshop in collaboration with BASE, students designed and realized daily life objects able to highlight links between design and music.

B’lown, by Dario Bellussi, Eren Kanbak and Yifang Xu, is an interactive installation composed of balloons connected to a circuit designed to allow people to move in the first steps into music in a playful and engaging way.

Pouring Music by Yinan Hu and Pranali Raval, allows users to experience music from different cultures around the world by playing with their iconic tea or coffee cups.

Sensō by Abhinav Ramesh and Yada Wisatekaew, is an interactive cube that invites people into a hidden realm of music, fused with tactile materials.

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