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Grazie Alessandro

19 February 2019

We want to remember one of the most important figures for the history of Domus Academy, Alessandro Mendini, architect, philosopher and founder of the school.

“… Now, I don’t know who first came up with the word ‘School’, but it was in the air that it might be interesting to have a teaching environment in a city that is the capital of design but that had no design schools…”

Alessandro Mendini was an Italian designer and architect. He played an important part in the development of Italian, Postmodern, and Radical design. He also worked, aside from his artistic career, for Casabella, Modo and Domus magazines. In 1982 he founded Domus Academy together with Maria Grazia Mazzocchi, Alessandro Guerriero, Pierre Restany, Andrea Branzi and Valerio Castelli. The character of his design is marked by what was his strong interest in mixing different cultures and different forms of expression; he created graphics, furniture, interiors, paintings and architecture and also wrote several articles and books.

Grazie Alessandro

Quote from: Design Speaks Italian – Maria Grazia Mazzocchi interview with Alessandro Mendini

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