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Future of Money, a new workshop for Domus Academy students in collaboration with Accenture Digital.

19 November 2018

Domus Academy students start work on a thrilling new Experience Design Workshop.

In collaboration with Accenture Digital students will explore new payment experiences in an era of connected devices, blockchain technologies and the circular economy.

Digital technologies and the ubiquity of connected devices opened the door to new payment methods that were not feasible a few years ago. Nowadays we can find tenths of digital services that allow us to pay in stores, buy products online or share money with our friends in seconds, wherever we are. New services created by some of the biggest IT companies – from Alipay to Apple Pay to Google Wallet – lead us to think that the future of payments will be soleydigital.

In this context, access will replace ownership, while repair will replace repurchase, making room for the introduction of new forms of payments: from micropayments to alternative currencies to pay per use models.

During the workshop students will explore the use of these new payment/transaction methods, their possibilities and the new scenarios that will characterize our life in the future.

the design activity will be divided in 4 steps exploration, ideation, refinement and final presentation.

During the exploration phase students will work in 6 multidisciplinary groups that will conduct an initial research and will explore a collection of inspirations that will support them in the following Ideation phase.

During the Ideation period participants will be guided by Accenture Digital into a Design Thinking session with the main objective for each group to come out with a Design Challenge that will guide them throughout the workshop.

The Ideation phase will end with the mid review, presenting the research and initial concepts to the company in order to get feedbacks that will help the group validate the direction of the project.

After the mid review the teams will start developing their concepts in order to deliver a final presentation to be presented to the company. According to the background and skills of the several group members, after the exploration and ideation phases, each group can focus on a specific component of the project and specific outputs.

At the end of the Refinement phase, each team will be able to identify the solutions to the given design challenge created in the previous part.

Each team will produce for the final presentation its own deliverable and prototypes to reach the end of the workshop.


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