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Fashion Photographer Giovanni Gastel Speaks on Campus

23 November 2017

Giovanni Gastel, an Italian photographer who has made history with his fashion images, will meet students of Domus Academy and the public December 12. Gastel will not only share wisdom earned from his 40 years of professional experience but also will give his perspective on the fashion image in the age of Instagram.

“On one hand—Gastel explains here—there is this new language; on the other, there is professionalism. There was a time when the photographer was able to defend him/herself through technical knowledge as a point of difference. Today, this is no longer possible. An author must put on the line his/her own uniqueness. As a professional, he/she has to work on this. The technique no longer counts, it’s implied, you almost cannot feel it anymore. So, we professionals are finally encouraged to become authors. Professional photography will only be authorial from now on, at all levels.”

Starting from this premise, the conversation with Giovanni Gastel will be moderated by Caterina Lunghi, journalist, lecturer, and project leader at Domus Academy.

Giovanni Gastel @Domus Academy

December 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m., Room G04

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