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Domus Academy hosted McKinsey Design for the “End the Stigma. Period” meet up

13 February 2019

Domus Academy hosted McKinsey Design for the meet up “End the Stigma. Period”. Under the guidance of three McKinsey Design Experts a select group of Domus Academy students had the opportunity to explore in-depth the 2019 D&AD New Blood Awards.

The New Blood Awards are open to students and recent graduates studying any design discipline, and are designed to embolden the next generation of creative talent to hone and apply their skills to tackle a wide range of business challenges and societal issues.

For the 2019 D&AD New Blood Awards, McKinsey Design and The Case For Her have partnered to challenge aspiring creative students around the world to end the stigma around menstruation.

Talking about menstruation is still largely a social and cultural taboo across the globe. Although menstruation is a normal, healthy part of life for menstruators, there are still many places where practices of ostracizing menstruators are upheld, shaming girls and sometimes even excluding women and girls from taking part in everyday life.

This affects the health and emotional, physical, and mental well-being of women, girls, and menstruators who identify as male or non-gender binary. Menstrual health has a huge effect on gender equality and access to equal opportunities.

During the workshop, students worked to develop an innovative service, product or campaign that tackles menstruation issues and social stigmas and shows fresh thinking and does not replicate what’s been done before.


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