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Celebrating Our 2017 Graduates

24 July 2017

At Domus Academy’s 2017 Graduation Ceremony on July 21, about 400 graduates took the stage to receive their Academic Master’s diploma. The La Verdi theatre in Milan was decorated with the school colors, and graduates were applauded by relatives, friends, and audience members from all over the world.

The evening began with a speech by Dean Line Christiansen to the graduates about their future in the world of design. George Bouvier, executive director of the Academy Cerebra in South Africa, led a conversation about the importance of design through the ages. Finally, Sara Breveglieri, a graduating student in the Master in Business Design program, offered her vision as a young woman entering the design profession.

The evening ended with a brief reception and with lots of photos and after-parties.

Congratulations to all the new alumni of Domus Academy!

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