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Domus Academy alumna at MilanoUnica

1 February 2019

Hyeyun Seol, former Master in Fashion Design student will have the great opportunity to take part in MilanoUnica.

Giving participants the opportunity to present their collections to companies, MilanoUnica turns the spotlight on the creativity of 20 young designers launching the new area, “Eyes on Me”.

From 5th -7th February, Hyeyun Seol will exhibit her collection Dear Samsa, a homage to Frank Kafka’s novel, “Metamorphosis”.

The main inspiration comes from Hyeyun personal compassion for the protagonist of the book, Gregor Samsa and the emotions associated with ordinary people living in a painful situation of crisis. What really impressed the fashion designer is not only the tragic transformation into an insect, but also the character’s unconscious determination to transform. Hyeyun Seol created her own character, known as “The Office Worker A”.

“The Office Worker A” lives through the banality of life. Every day, he experiences the greyscale of the city walls and streets, surrounded by office workers in grey suits and grey buildings. Although aware of the banality of their lives, they rarely question it and keep living until the grand metamorphosis. Upon being metamorphosed and being placed into a state of crisis, these characters begin to question their own lives. They feel the angst of their existence and begin to question whether they were relevant in people’s lives at all. “Office Worker A” stands for those who live banal, repetitive lives, and neglect the fact they live in a grey dust like a bug crawling around trash.

Hyeyun’s collection was realized in partnership with Asahi Kasei, Dondi Jersey, Lemar, Limonta and Serikos.

Congratulation Hyeyun!


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