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Coronavirus Updates

27 October 2020


Update 27/10/2020

We are glad to announce that tomorrow, October 28th Domus Academy will officially welcome the students of the October Intake for the new Academic Year 2020/21.

You can check updates regarding the Covid-19 health emergency at the following links:

Best Regards,
Domus Academy

Dear Students,

On Wednesday July, 29th you all have received an email explaining the modalities to come back to School in September.

We invite you all to check your emails, in order not to miss any important communication.

If necessary, further updates may be sent during the month of August.

Looking forward to seeing you back in Campus.

Best regards,
Domus Academy

Dear students,
hope you are all fine!

We hereby would like to inform you that starting from June 3rd new travel policies and regulations have been issued, especially as far as Schengen countries are concerned.

Please, find all updates at this link.

We remain at your disposal for any further information and/or clarification.

Best regards,
Domus Academy

COVID-19: PHASE 2 UPDATE | Information for students returning to campus

Dear all,

As previously announced during our meetings, we are reorganizing the phased return to campus.

Before receiving further details about access, we kindly invite you to carefully read the attached procedural protocols and proper behavior.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Domus Academy

Dear Students,

We hope you are all well and safe.

As you all know, the world is experiencing a dramatic emergency and everyone’s full awareness on this topic is needed to overcome this particular moment. Italy has been the first European country to be strongly hit by the pandemic and we are all looking forward to progressive return to normal operations at the school and the reopening of all activities (commercial, industrial and cultural).

During this period of forced school closure by the Ministry, the transfer of all academic activities online has been authorized.  As Domus Academy is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR), we would like to confirm that courses and activities delivered online allow students to continue to earn the necessary ECTS academic credits according to the provisions of DPCM 04/03/2020 n. 6.

Domus Academy’s academic programs have been carefully crafted to ensure the educational experience of the students as a whole. This includes the experience of sharing with your fellow classmates, cultural exchange and of course contact with the industry and the participation in other events in Milan. Domus Academy recognizes the difficulty of some of these aspects during the exceptional nature this moment. The school is committed to providing for the students’ full experience and in response to your requests, will organize additional activities on campus. These additional activities will be available to all students who remain fully active in their studies in this period, and who regularly follow lessons as per the academic plan of study. The regular academic activities will be delivered online, in campus or in a mixed, blended mode. The students will need to fulfill and successfully complete all requirements of each module and workshop, leading to the awarding of the Master’s diploma.

The additional, supplemental activities that will be organized and created on campus in Milan:

  • Upon returning to campus, the school will offer: dedicated short cross-disciplinary workshop in collaboration with the industry, in the form of Industry Marathons. These are short intensive workshops that allow students to respond to specific industry challenges that involve company representatives, professional designers and the faculty. The school will also host a series of Master classes and talks with important thinkers and industry experts.  
  • During the Academic Year following your current path of study, students will be able to participate in additional curricular workshops held at Domus Academy, and will have access to all campus facilities.

Further communication will follow, when the lockdown in Italy has been officially declared over in order to specify all details and procedures on how to access these additional contents. The additional activities are optional and will be offered with no additional cost or fees to students.

We would like to take the opportunity to share with you and summarize the key points, relative to your concerns, ensuring Academic continuity and stability: 

– According to the latest government guidelines and health ministry regulation, all schools and universities can continue exclusively online during the lockdown period. To assure the continuity of your course of study, Domus Academy has transferred and will continued to deliver all courses and workshops online. This is the consolidated approach of all institutions, bot nationally and internationally, of higher education and this will allow students to earn the ECTS academic credits, in order to graduate as planned.

– The duration of the closure and the length of the online activities will necessarily depend on the evolution of the Covid-19 emergency and governmental decisions.

–   We are continually monitoring the situation and will provide regular updates including any modifications or reorganization of our schedule that may become necessary. We would like to remind you that this is a temporary situation and all teaching activities will return to campus as soon as this will be allowed.

– We are prepared to deliver courses on-line, until July 31st that will allow the course scheduled to be concluded, with the hope that lockdown period will finish as soon as possible and allow you to return to the academy.

–  The transition back to normal in-class activities will be delivered in a mixed learning mode, (face-to-face + online) for a period of 30 days, post reopening, to accommodate students’ return to campus.

– Any particular circumstances that may prevent the student from returning to campus within this period will be taken into consideration. All efforts will be made to fully support the student.  

– Postponements or partial refunds of the course of studies are not being granted by Domus Academy. The online course and workshops will continue to allow students to earn academic credits. Domus Academy is providing, as a proper integration, additional dedicated activities during the remaining part of the current Academic Year, along with further participation in workshops and other special projects, during the following Academic Year 2020-21.

–  The supplemental activities will be provided without any additional fees to the students.

– Students will receive support and information to understand how to extend their permit of stays/visas, by the Academic Registration and the Career Service Department, please refer to the following e-mail address  and .

– The school is aware of logistical issues, especially for those who have returned to their home countries.  Even if Domus Academy is a third party in relation to any agreement with landlords, as indicated, we can attempt to support you in any negotiations for which you may need assistance. Our housing office, is also available for any further need and request of suggestion you may have.

–  We remind you that we have opened a specific email account to support you in this time period: 

– Furthermore,  a specific section on our website has been added with information and updates regarding the Covid-19 situation:

Best regards,
Fabio Siddu | DA Managing Director
Mark Anderson | DA Director of Education

Dear Students,

In light of the recent evolution of the Covid-19 emergency, we are writing to give further updates on the pursuance of the academic activities in the following days.

Extraordinary efforts have been made in this period to ensure the continuity of all course of studies in each degree programmes. We appreciate your efforts in embracing this new learning experience, especially considering the added difficulties and disruption in our daily lives that the crisis has forced upon us.

The current workshop will be concluding next week. As planned, all final presentations with the project leaders and companies will be held online. You are not expected or required to be on campus. As per governmental regulations, the campus may not yet be reopened. At this time, we confirm that all teaching activities will continue remotely until the end of April, with the on-campus activities currently scheduled to begin on May 4th. Of course, if the hoped-for positive change in the emergency occurs and the provisions of the proper authorities allow, the activities on campus to be resumed earlier. You will be promptly informed, and we will be more than happy to have you on-campus as soon as possible. You will not be required to be on campus before May 4th.

The planned restarting of on-campus activities on May 4th will correspond to the beginning of the next workshop. The next module will start on April 14th with two weeks of courses – these will continue to be held online. Academic Registration will send you the new Academic Calendar with the indication of all new dates for your academic activities, according to your intake. The next exam sessions for the March intake will be scheduled for April 21st and 22nd and will also be held remotely. For those students involved, you will receive details on all the exam procedures. Career Service will also be offering further detail regarding their activities and internships.

Please remember that from the moment that the campus officially opens, there will be a period of at least one additional week in which the delivery of classes will be offered in a ‘mixed’ learning mode ( face-to-face + virtual). This will allow students the necessary logistical time to organize their return to school. We will keep you informed so that you will be able to plan as needed.

We want to conclude by expressing our appreciation for the extraordinary effort in which you are putting into your studies in this moment and are pleased with the very positive and interesting projects that are being developed in preparation for the presentations next week. For those of you, who have expressed some concerns relative to the online experience, we ask you to be patient and be focused on producing the best possible results. As we have already communicated, we are committed to offering additional and new study possibilities on campus to allow the integration of further topics and experiences.

The situation appears to be improving; however the governmental restrictions on the movement of people are now more important than ever. The Lombardy region and the national Government are asking for a period of further sacrifice to get maximum effectiveness from the measures put in place so far.

With the effort commitment and responsibility from everyone in our community, we are confident that we will come through this challenging situation positively and look forward to continuing in our learning endeavors in an approach that is more engaged than ever.

Best Regards,

Fabio Siddu – Domus Academy Managing Director
Mark Anderson – Director of Education

Mark Anderson, Domus Academy Director of Education, explains to the students the very difficult moment we are experiencing and the changes in the academic activities.

To better help respond to the students’ general questions and the more specific and personal ones, Domus Academy has set up a dedicated email address : and a frequently asked question section in its website, that will be updated regularly.

The aim of the school, in the interest of its students, is to respond quickly and work to ensure continuity in the learning experience. Domus Academy is doing everything possible to support the students in this phase and to allow their study to continue until the crisis is over. To do so, Domus Academy has temporarily transferred the courses online, following the latest ministerial directives that do not permit schools and universities to be open at this time. Domus Academy is not proposing to turn into an online educational institute; it is a response to a specific crisis situation, to allow the students to be continually engaged at a distance. The school intends not to interrupt the courses that would block the students’ learning process, thus losing momentum.

The learning process is not limited to the classroom, whether that be physical or online, it is an approach to the world we inhabit.  Through workshops and lessons, Domus Academy is still stimulating, encouraging and guiding its students’ learning process. As in all modules, the workshops are challenging, combining specific briefs, special lecturers, important designers and companies and their representatives. While the modes of delivery and exchange may vary, the content an approach remain unchanged.

This is a very unusual moment, but this can and should be a starting point for reflections on and for the future. The world is rapidly changing:  from environmental issues to the interdependence of economies and possibilities and threats that a connected world offers, to the advantages (and limitations) of technology, this current situation is an example. Perhaps it is possible to draw different lessons from this experience, and in the immediate, use the ability to react to problems with creativity and intelligence, contributing to a culture of positive engagement that will result in both personal and professional growth. Domus Academy asks everyone to continue to be engaged, to go forward and work together.

Mark Anderson – Director of Education

Dear Students,

We hope you are well and staying safe in this challenging and extraordinary moment. Although Italy has been particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 virus, this is an exceptional global circumstance. All indications suggest that this situation will expand and involve other countries as well.

The Italian government and health agencies have been very proactive in responding to the crisis as it has been developing and evolving. Domus Academy continues to follow all directives and is proactively working to keep our community safe, responding to developments and adjusting the academic activity to allow your studies to continue.

We trust you are already aware of the latest government decree issued yesterday that has indicated that all schools and universities must remain closed until April 3, 2020. The Italian Ministry of Education is encouraging the use of online classes during this suspension.

We believe that it is in the best interest of our students (despite the difficulties and differences of remote learning) not to interrupt the academic studies and lose momentum but rather modify the lesson delivery only in this period.

We are all working in the same situation and are hoping that this is temporary. The online classes in this period have allowed all students, independent of the current location, to continue participating in the ongoing workshops.

To respond to the new situation and the requests that we have received directly from the student body, we would like to inform you of the following changes that should alleviate some general concerns and help in managing the conclusion of the current workshop that will be conducted online.

These are the changes:

All workshops will be extended and conclude between the 8th and 9th of April
Extra lessons and review sessions will be added
Program Leaders will work with you reorganizing the content and helping manage group work, including indications of the use of online tools.
The number of members of work groups will be reduced to facilitate collaboration

Lastly, to respond to some of the expressed concerns of the online experience, we also are pleased to inform you that we will add a series of on-campus academic activities that will be organized to allow students to integrate further topics and go more in-depth in their studies. This will be done when the current situation has stabilized and at the end of the course of study.

Please note that in the case that after the April 3, the Italian government will allow the opening of the campus and hold face-to-face lessons, Domus Academy will continue to offer online access to lessons and final presentation of this current workshop to those who may not be able to be on campus immediately.

We believe this is the best possible response to the current situation and if there are no further changes required, you will be able to conclude your studies with only minor calendar modifications.


Fabio Siddu – Domus Academy Managing Director
Mark Anderson – Director of Education

Dear Students,

In compliance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education, all academic activities on campus will remain suspended until March 15th, 2020. As not to interrupt the course of study, Domus Academy will continue delivering all classes via our e-learning platform.

The technologies and methods that we are implementing are those used with the professional environment. This mode of delivery and collaboration at the beginning  may require some familiarization; however, we feel this is a vital experience that is responding to this situation most positively, promptly and effectively.

During this first period of suspension of on-campus teaching activities, we were able to offer all courses as scheduled and are pleased to inform you that this current module and workshops will be able to conclude with only small calendar modifications.

We appreciate your enthusiasm in embracing this extended learning experience. Lessons, study and work activities are being delivered live and in interactive sessions. All students are not only attending classes but actively participating in design projects, working with classmates, receiving feedback and reviews from the faculty, making this a unique learning experience. The attendance rate is among the highest registered for our online sessions.

In the case that any particular issues arise or if for any reason, the exam session would need to be postponed, you will be informed promptly.We are fully committed to keeping students safe and informed. In line with the precautionary measures applied by national and local authorities due to the current health emergency, we remind everyone once again to continue to follow the preventive procedures aimed at protecting the health of the community. World health organization has provided some useful basic protective measures against the new coronavirus at the following link:

We are confident that we will soon meet you all back in Domus Academy and we are convinced that all of you students will continue to study hard and fruitfully in the meantime. Further communication from the academic coordination team will follow to keep you informed about all following updates.

Thanks to the synergy of intent and team spirit of the three pillars of our campus, students, faculty and staff, Domus Academy is not stopping operations but reacting promptly to circumstances imposed by the national situation.

All the best,

Fabio Siddu – Domus Academy Managing Director
Mark Anderson – Director of Education

Dear Students,

In the light of the communication you have received yesterday regarding the starting of Online teaching activities, we are glad to share with you some guidelines in the use of Blackboard.

In these days prior to the beginning of classes, we advise you check the log in procedure to verify your smooth access to the platform.

For all online classes starting on Monday, please also refer to the official Blackboard tutorial.

In case of technical problems, please refer to

Best regards.

Fabio Siddu – Domus Academy Managing Director
Mark Anderson – Director of Education

Dear students,

I hope you are passing this period as serene as possible. As per our previous communication last  Sunday, Domus Academy is carefully following all developments of the evolving situation and proactively responding to assure the wellbeing of our students, staff and extended community.

The school and all offices have remained open, although the campus remains closed to the students. As most of you know, the Italian Health Ministry ordinance issued for Lombardy required the “….closure of schools of all levels, as well as the attendance to higher education activities, professional courses, masters…” and will be in effect until Feb. 29.

In consideration of extraordinary circumstances, Domus Academy has decided to transfer all academic activities online during this period beginning next week.

The courses and lectures will continue to be delivered via eLearning using the school’s platform. This will allow activities to proceed without interruption, enabling your course of study to continue from a distance while also allowing an additional safeguard for our community. We believe it is important not to stop all activities and continue normal activities in the safest and most tranquil way possible. Lessons will be organized and delivered primarily from our classrooms on campus with the possibility of connecting at a distance. You will not need to be present in the classroom and will be able to connect from the location you prefer on your personal computer or device. The campus will remain closed to students in this period.

All necessary indications on how to connect and use the platform as well as a revised class schedule will be sent directly to you by email by the end of the week.

To summarize:

Domus Academy academic activity will recommence on Mar. 2 through our eLearning. As of this moment, the learning at a distance is planned for the week of Mar. 2 – 6. If it becomes necessary, this may be extended also to include the following week Mar. 9–13.

We are very pleased to be able to offer this possibility which will allow all study to continue without interruption throughout this period. In this way, your overall plan of study will not be impacted. Specific activities of some courses may undergo minor changes. Some courses for the current workshop may be extended by several days.

In conclusion, as previously indicated we are carefully following all developments and will keep you informed of any changes or useful information. Beyond specific activities that have been suspended as precautionary measure by the city of Milan, businesses and commercial activities remain open and operative.

We would like to encourage you to continue to adopt basic protective measures against the current coronavirus, which are similar to the normal flu virus, they include:
washing your hands frequently; keep a distance of 1 meter between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing, covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze.

For any communication, please write an email to or contact your Program Leaders and Coordinators.
Thank you for your collaboration.

Fabio Siddu – Domus Academy Managing Director
Mark Anderson – Director of Education

Dear Students,

In light of the latest developments related to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19, DOMUS ACADEMY aligns with the other Universities of Lombardy, including NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano, by adopting measures to safeguard public health.

As a precautionary measure, we hereby inform you that all teaching activities (lectures and seminars) as well as possible exams will be suspended from Monday February 24th to March 1st. During this week, the library will be closed to the public as well as classrooms. Operational activities as well as offices not open to the public will be operative and reachable via email: students are invited not to come to School.

If no further contrary indications are received from the Authorities, all normal activities will recommence on March 2nd.
For those who live in or come from the municipalities directly involved in recent outbreak and might have difficulties in reaching school also after March 1st due to quarantine procedures, the School will grant the possibility to makeup all academic activities in a following moment; this will be defined.

Further information will be provided, as needed. We will promptly send any relevant updates. We invite you to check our website and social pages regularly.
We kindly remind everyone to follow the given hygiene and prevention indications.

For any communication, please write an email to or contact your Program Leader and Coordinators.

Fabio Siddu – Domus Academy Managing Director
Mark Anderson – Director of Education

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