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A “Storytelling and visual narratives” course for the students of the Master in Interaction and Master in Service Design

13 November 2018

Through the month of November, Domus Academy students of the Master in Interaction and Master in Service Design will have the important chance to attend the “Storytelling and visual narratives” course.

Storytelling has become today a fundamental design topic; the ability to integrate narration into the design process is an essential component to attract, engage and expand the user experience. The course responds to the growing need to create and deliver original visual content to varied fields ranging from communication of projects, interface design, management of social media channels, and to micro storytelling.

During the course, the students will discover very exciting topics with lecturers coming from the professional world. They will explore and experiment with the use of Artificial Intelligence as a storytelling tool, guided by Alessandro Chessa, Data Scientist and CEO of Linkalab, and Riccardo Mantelli, Interactive Media Artist and Designer. Diego Carucci, Interaction Designer from Accenture and Domus Academi Alumni, will present the power of video as a Design Tool, while Federica Fragapane, Visual and Information Designer, will show how data can be used to tell stories.

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