Marketing Manager: what they do and how to become one

Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager

Marketing management is a crucial discipline within the business realm, referring to the creation, development, and management of marketing strategies and communication to promote a company’s success and growth. It involves strategic work in creating value for customers and boosting the sales department.

The Marketing Manager (or Marketing Director) is a key figure within a company, bearing the responsibility for designing and implementing a communication strategy aimed at promoting the growth and success of the brand or company itself. This professional combines creativity and analysis to achieve corporate goals.

The educational path to becoming a Marketing Manager often starts with a solid academic background, such as a degree in economy and finance or communication science. Specific courses and masters in digital marketing or business plan are crucial steps to build the necessary skills for this job.

Besides education, practical experience is essential and can be gained through internships or working in a company, ensuring professional growth.

Moreover, attending industry conferences and staying updated on the latest marketing trends are effective ways to enrich one’s education and expand professional prospects on the path to becoming a Marketing Manager.

A Marketing Manager must possess a wide range of technical skills, including the ability to develop and coordinate communication projects, analyse data with statistical support, and structure effective digital marketing strategies.

Creativity in branding and design, combined with proficiency in organization and coordination of events, is essential for success in this role. Developing a particular focus on resource administration, including budget control and personnel management, are key skills in a Marketing Manager’s career, as well as the ability to promptly respond to team questions and, at the same time, develop solid relationships with customers.

A Marketing Manager’s toolkit includes market analysis tools, budget management software, and digital marketing platforms. The use of social media and video tools is also crucial for maintaining a competitive profile in the sector.

Moreover, Marketing Managers often utilise marketing automation software, such as HubSpot or Marketo, to optimize and efficiently monitor campaigns, ensuring a successful digital footprint for the company.

A Marketing Manager operates in various business contexts, from marketing in a large company to coordinating activities in a smaller reality.

Usually, a Marketing Manager coordinates a team of professionals and together they handle the planning of business activities and organise and manage the promotion of a product or other services, directly contributing to the company’s growth.

Aspiring Marketing Managers can develop their skills within the Master in Luxury Brand Management. With a particular focus on luxury brand management, the one-year Master prepares students to manage the delicate balance between creativity and business.

Future luxury brand managers will explore emerging values related to the concept of luxury in tomorrow’s economic and cultural landscape. Students will understand that branding is a mix of science and art, rationality, and emotion. They will practice identifying individual customer behaviors and social patterns, discovering powerful insights that will allow them to support luxury brands in developing unique viewpoints, meaningful values, and strong emotional connections through engaging and memorable experiences.

An approach linked to the in-depth analysis of market data and the effective creation of Marketing strategies, but also aimed at a deep understanding of the intrinsic value of luxury brands and their potential.

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