How to become a Visual Brand Designer?

Visual Brand Designer

The Visual Brand Designer is a role that is highly in demand by companies. Discover what the profession is about and how to pursue this career.

Visual Brand Designer

Every brand is characterised by certain fundamental values. We all remember the logos and communication campaigns of brands such as Apple and Nike. They are brands that represent not only products, but a world of values ​​by which the consumer feels represented. Consider the “Think Different”, “Just Do It” and the social responsibility campaigns, carried out with Colin Kaepernick. If a brand is able to achieve this, and recall certain values ​​to memory – it is thanks to the visual brand designer.

This professional has a dual task: firstly, they identify the fundamental values ​​of a brand so that they are distinctive, differentiating them from the competitive landscape, and secondly they ensure that these values ​​are effectively communicated to consumers. To do this, they must first of all study the market and outline the values ​​presided over by competitors to avoid overlapping or areas of ambiguity. At the same time, they must examine in depth the current trends and the signals coming from society (it is essential that the brand identity is in line with the “feeling” of consumers). Once the analysis phase has been concluded, this person is able to clearly outline the identity of the brand, and define the elements that characterise it both on a conceptual and emotional level. Starting from here, they then manage and supervise the communication strategies – on traditional and digital channels – so that they are consistent with what has been previously established.

The background of the visual brand designer typically includes a degree in marketing/communication (for example, brand management) or in the field of design (starting from visual and graphic design). There are, however, professionals coming from humanistic studies. The path is completed by targeted post-graduate training, aimed at acquiring the specific tools useful for carrying out the activities.

The visual brand designer is at the center of a dense network of relationships. They interface daily with a vast number of figures operating in the most diverse fields: from sales, creative, marketing and product development. Consequently, it is important to have excellent relationship and communication skills. For the same reason, this person must also be a team player, able to integrate and collaborate with heterogeneous groups. The aptitude for multitasking – as they often follow several projects at the same time – time management and the ability to work effectively under pressure are also fundamental. Finally, but equally important, an open mind is key: the visual brand designer should be curious about the world, always seeking new ideas.

This role will regularly use image editing software (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Sketch 3). They will also uses programs, such as power point and key note, for the creation of reports and presentation documents.

The career of the visual brand designer can develop within a company or a consultancy company (for example, a communication agency). In the first case, they deal with a specific brand, which they follow with increasing responsibilities over time, while in the second, they manage – based on the clients they have in charge – various projects for different brands. Alternatively, they can devote themselves to freelancing and provide their services directly to companies.

The visual brand designer can develop their skills within the Master in Visual Brand Design of Domus Academy that is designed for candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in visual and graphic design, product design, or communication. It is also open to candidates who hold a degree/diploma in marketing or the humanities, if they are motivated by interest in visual brand design and possess a strong portfolio.

There are two types of Master in Visual Brand Design at Domus Academy. The Academic Master (60 ECTS credits) is developed over 5 modules, a curricular internship and a final project workshop and it allows to gain an Academic Master’s Degree accredited by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), a qualification recognised in Europe and worldwide, as well as a Domus Academy Master Diploma. With the Double Award Master (90 ECTS credits), students have the opportunity to integrate the course of study consisting of 5 modules, a curricular internship and final project workshop, with additional lessons and a more in-depth individual project thesis. With the Double Award Master, students can obtain an Academic Master recognized by the MUR and, in addition, a Master of Arts officially recognized by the British system (Privy Council) and issued by Regent’s University London.

The Domus Academy’s Master in Visual Brand Design covers the theoretical courses in Storytelling & Visual Narrative, Visual Cultures, and Personal Branding, Professional Accelerator Activities, as well as the workshops in Identity Design and Product Strategy. Moreover, an elective workshop to be chosen among Digital Communication, Strategic Brand Management, Entrepreneurship through Design, Experience Design, Retail & Visual Merchandising and Service Design.

Domus Academy’s Master in Visual Brand Design allows you to acquire the skills to develop communication strategies and promotional campaigns that attract the attention of a specific audience, identifying the fundamental values ​​of a company and its future needs. Students learn to identify the identity of a specific brand, gain a deep understanding of its products and services, and learn how to apply various marketing techniques and visual languages ​​to a design brief, to design innovative and creative ways to interact with customers through physical and digital communication channels and social media.

Domus Academy’s Master in Visual Brand Design trains versatile professionals, who can work in small, medium and large organisations or engage in freelancer activity in the fields of communication and graphic design, branding, advertising, digital media and service design, in the roles of visual brand designer, art director, communication expert and brand manager.

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