How to Become a Business Developer

Business Developer

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Business Developer

In the digital realm, the experience and capability to deliver high-quality services are fundamental to meeting the needs of a company’s clients, especially in the field of design. So, who is the true business strategist in this context? Who oversees the quality of services, both offline and in the digital sector? The answer to these and other questions lies in the responsibilities of a highly sought-after yet relatively unknown professional figure: the Business Developer.

The Business Developer is a strategic professional essential for the growth and success of companies. Their key role is to identify new business opportunities, developing an innovative strategy to increase economic growth and sustainability for the company at any level, from startups to large corporations.

To pursue a career as a Business Developer in the design branch, it is crucial to have deep knowledge of the field and a creative approach. It is also advisable to have previously obtained a degree in business economics or attended courses in related disciplines. Continuous training is very important to specifically deepen topics such as selling techniques, strategic management, and even digital marketing.

The Business Developer must possess advanced commercial skills, a deep understanding of the reference sector, partner and competitor companies, as well as pronounced abilities in high-level analysis, management, and planning. Effective, clear, and immediate communication, both with the internal team and potential customers, is an indispensable quality of the Business Developer and, at the same time, the key to their success.

Collaborating with professionals from different areas and fields of study and continuously analysing market requests, the Business Developer plays a crucial role in the effective management of tasks and processes of other employees. Negotiating affairs, monitoring targets, and evaluating the financial structure are just some of the many responsibilities that accompany one of the most versatile and complex professions in the business sector related to design, underlining the value of this figure in building sustainable and successful models.

A Business Developer in the workplace may be required to use management tools to monitor relations with customers, analyse commercial data, and identify business opportunities. The use of social media and a critical approach to digital social networks are also essential to maintain deep knowledge of trends in the reference market.

In the design field, the Business Developer operates in various companies, ranging from the digital sector to traditional enterprises and startups. They collaborate with teams of managers, sales managers, and project managers, contributing to the achievement of company objectives.

The Business Developer is, therefore, a strategic figure in the corporate world, responsible for identifying, managing, and increasing business opportunities. Their networking ability, capacity to negotiate, and profound knowledge of the design sector are determining factors for success, and future perspectives offer ample possibilities for growth and career development with significant increases in remuneration.

The Business Developer can develop their professional skills within the Master in Business Design. This one-year Master aims to establish new connections between the business and design sectors, stimulating students to participate in projects that integrate business into the field of design and vice versa.

With an educational and interdisciplinary approach, the programme focuses on applying the culture, methodology, and sensitivity of design to a wide range of companies, whether they are well-established, large, medium-small, or startups. Students acquire skills in design-oriented management strategies, learn to develop business plans, branding, marketing, and communication for the company, specific product lines, and new initiatives. The Master includes a series of practical workshops and is enriched with theoretical lectures and exercises. The combination of accredited courses and concrete professional projects offers students the opportunity to build a solid academic foundation while simultaneously gaining valuable work experience directly related to their future professional career.

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