Fashion Graduate Italia 2023

Fashion Graduate Italia 2023

Domus Academy participated in the 9th edition of Fashion Graduate Italia 2023: three days of fashion shows dedicated to the creations and aspirations of fashion school students. Discover the collection!

Fashion Graduate Italia 2023
Fashion Graduate Italia 2023
Fashion Graduate Italia 2023

The students of the Master in Fashion Design – moved by passion and determination – embarked on a transformative journey that not only provided them with practical skills but helped them find their voice as designers, showing their collections to a wide audience and leaving their distinctive mark.

“That’s what I want to become at the end, a creative person. I found my own path”, stated Bipasha Biswas, one of the selected students.

The students spent several months making the collections.

Berke Ulushan created “Berke’s Playground,” a collection inspired by the 1960s with the intention of reflecting his alter ego in a playful and colorful language.

Bipasha Biswas with “Pre-Loved” wanted to recall family traditions and playing with the concept of repairing and mending, created second-hand clothes, without discarding any original garments.

Birce Avcu was inspired by the writer Herman Hesse to make “the Double Life of Veronique” and “Der Steppenwolf,” developing totally biodegradable and sustainable biomaterials.

With “Irregularity,” Derek Nahakpam wanted to reevaluate irregularity and beauty within the order proper to chaos.

Aesthetics, hedonism, the relationship between the sacred and the profane are the source of inspiration for Livia Tanasa, who with “Hedonic Desacralization” transforms art, creativity, and beauty into sources of pleasure and enchantment.

Suheda Arslan created “Quiet Chaos” a collection based on childhood memories, always moving from one country to another, and the balance between chaos and calm.

The Thom The Thim built his collection based on the song “Drama King,” the name of none other than his collection, characterized by the predominance of the colour blue.

Composing classic aesthetics and dreamy atmosphere, Vardui Torozyan‘s “The One Who Wonders” collection is an encouragement to show one’s unique qualities, strengths, and vulnerability.

Jingru Pan and Bingjie Ou, on the other hand, drew inspiration for their collections from nature connected to childhood memories, particularly water one and butterflies the other.


You couldn’t participate?

Watch the video and experience the unique thrill of the catwalk!


The Semester Course in Fashion Design provides conceptual tools and Design fundamentals to create a Fashion Collection and develop a personal identity as Fashion Designer.

The Master’s Programme in Fashion Design combines the study of the fashion universe with design thinking through extensive study and practice. Students learn to question, refine and consolidate their individual creative vision and address the design challenges facing today’s fashion brands.

The 2-year MA in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology offers the opportunity to integrate art, fashion technology and digital design, in a new multidisciplinary framework of theory, practice and experimentation with the aim of training the next visionary leaders of the fashion system.

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