Master inVisual Brand Design

Master's in Visual Brand Design
Validated by Regent's University London Logo Final

The Master in Visual Brand Design aims at identifying core values of brands and their future needs to create innovative communication strategies.

Language: English | Start: February, September, November


Duration 11 months

Accreditation MUR/Italy



Duration 14 months

Accreditation UK


The Master’s in Visual Brand Design programme is workshop-based, supported by seminars, lectures, tutorials, and fieldwork. Industry professionals, the programme leader, and project leaders will guide you via individual coaching and mentorship.

The combination of accredited coursework and real-life professional projects gives students the opportunity to build on their academic foundation, while gaining valuable work experience directly applicable to their future careers.

Students can apply to the Academic Master’s Programme, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, or to the Master of Arts degree with an international UK validation.


Graduates of the Academic Master’s Programmes earn a degree that is recognised throughout Europe and the world, receiving an Academic Master’s Degree (60 ECTS credits) accredited by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research (MUR)*, in addition to a Domus Academy Master’s Diploma.

The programme consists of 5 modules, including a curricular internship and a final project workshop.

* The academic Master’s Degree is awarded by NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti.


The Double Award Master path allows students to obtain an Academic Master validated by the Italian MUR and a Master of Arts, with international validation in the UK from Regent’s University in London.

Students integrate additional lectures and a more in-depth individual project to their 5-module programme that includes the curricular internship and final project.

The UK validation gives students more international recognition of their course of study and the opportunity to obtain a Master of Arts Degree (90 ECTS) awarded by Regent’s University London that allows them access to most international doctoral programs.

Within their academic year, students enrolled in the Double Award Master’s Programme, have the opportunity to spend a week at Regent’s University London for a London study trip experience, with special teaching activities and visits to the most significant sites for creative trends. During their stay, students will have the opportunity to take part in tours to discover London’s most iconic places, museums and galleries. The one-week London study trip is not part of the Academic curriculum, therefore not mandatory. It is subject to additional costs covering both the cultural offer and the trip.


The Master in Visual Brand Design focuses on identifying the core values of a company and its future needs, to create communication strategies and promotional campaigns that will attract the attention of a specific audience.

Students will be trained to pinpoint the identity of a given brand, cultivate a deep understanding of its products and services and master different marketing techniques and visual languages to apply to a project brief. This in order to design innovative and creative ways to engage with customers through physical, digital and social media channels.


The programme is addressed to candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in visual and graphic design, multimedia studies, communication and marketing/brand management.

It is also open to candidates with a background in design, economics, management, or the humanities, if they are motivated to carry out in-depth research into the subject area and possess a strong portfolio.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.


The Master in Visual Brand Design aims to form effective, dynamic, and versatile visual brand designers and brand managers who are open to visionary innovations.

Graduates of the programme can find employment and freelance opportunities with companies and organizations in the fields of graphic and visual design, art direction, brand strategy, advertising, and more.

Job titles include:


The Master’s involves the following costs, in addition to the payment of a degree fee to be paid within one month before the course start date, equal to € 540 for the Academic Master’s Programme and € 650 for the Double Award Master’s Programme.

Matriculation Fee: € 540/650

EU & EFTA students fee i

Academic Master

€ 22.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 19.900

Double Award Master

€ 24.900

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 21.900

Non-EU Students Fee

Academic Master

€ 27.000

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 24.000

Double Award Master

€ 31.000

Pre-Enrollment: € 3.000

Tuition: € 28.000

Meet your faculty
Elisa Chiodo
Elisa Chiodo

Elisa Chiodo is a Designer and Strategist, whose experience ranges from teaching and academic research to projects with agencies. At Domus Academy she works as Programme Leader of the Master in Visual Brand Design and the Master in Business Design.

Elisa Chiodo
Master in Visual Brand Design

Elisa Chiodo is a Designer and Strategist, whose experience ranges from teaching and academic research to projects with agencies.
At Domus Academy she works as Programme Leader of the Master in Visual Brand Design and Master in Business Design.

What she loves: the design process, problem solving and problem setting, design cool visuals.

She is a transdisciplinary designer, who works with tools from communication, service and business design. For her, the fun part of the job is creating bridges between disciplines and interpret all these Design languages.

After graduating in Communication Design, she received her Ph.D. cum Laude in 2013 from the School of Design at Politecnico di Milano.
During her Ph.D. she had the opportunity to work at the MobileLife Research Centre (Stockholm University) on service and interaction design devices, and at the metaLab in Harvard University in the field of digital humanities. For more than eight years she collaborated with the Master Degree course in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano.

She joined the faculty of Domus Academy in 2016 as the Programme Leader of the Master in Visual Brand Design and since 2020 she is leading also the Master in Business Design, developing strategies and projects in collaboration with national and international brands (Condé Nast Italia, The Coca-Cola Company, Viking Cruises, Slowear, Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, Fondazione Franco Albini, Triennale, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo da Vinci”, Tucano,Technogym, Kartell, Casa Martini, Bombay Sapphire/Bacardi, Cornetto-Unilever, Startupbusiness Italia, Kickstarter, Ducati, LifeGate, Starbucks, De Beers, Cairo Communication, Action Aid, L’Officiel Italia, Danone, Reebok and Google), studios, and agencies for academic projects (AKQA, DDB, Design Bridge, Frog, etc).

Visiting Professors

The Master’s in Visual Brand Design relies on the collaboration of a network of visiting professors, designers, and company representatives, coming from various industries, to lead hands-on workshops and involve students in international initiatives. They include: Andrea Banfi, AKQA, Silvia Barbieri (The Branding Letters), Pietro Baroni, Luca Barcellona, Marta Bernstein, Massimiliano Bosio (Nascent Design), Andrea Braccaloni (Leftloft), Cristiano Bottino (Studio FM), Stefano Cardini, Luca Cavallini (Artefice Group), Giacomo Cesana, Stefano Colombo, DDB, Design Bridge, Fabio Franchino (Todo), Marcello Gatti, Laura Licari (Frog Design), Paolo Lorini, Cecilia Melli, Alessandro Mininno (Gummy Industries), Chiara Monateri, Davide Mottes (IL), Margherita Paleari, Claudia Neri (Techna Design), Francesco Poroli, Paolo Proserpio, Matteo Rubert e Maria Zaramella (Officina 9PT), Beniamino Saibene (Esterni), Pietro Tarsitano, We Are Social, Stefano Tripodi, Andrea Zambardi (Studio Atto), Jan-Christoph Zoels (Experientia), Francesca Labrini, Federica Ricci, Sara Ricciardi.

Several prestigious companies and design studios collaborate with the Master's Programme in Visual Brand Design, actively participating in courses, workshops, internships and international competitions organised by the department.
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