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Date 03.10.2018
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Domus Academy collaborate with Ferrero for Kinder Surprise

Domus Academy is announcing the collaboration with Ferrero.

During the workshop in “Advanced Design Process” Master in Product Design students will have the opportunity to work on the redesign of the surprises of children’s favorite eggs, Kinder Surprise.

Aim of the workshop is to design new Kinder surprises that satisfy children from all over the world, regardless of culture, gender or age.
The target audience of Domus Academy product designers will be children between the ages of 3 and 6: curious, creative with a great imagination, who love experimenting, discovering. The designed surprises should have a series of specific characteristics such as: encouraging learning, creating new stimuli, developing intellectual abilities, creative and problem solving skills, imagination, ability to relate to others, movement and coordination at the manual level, discovery and learning.
A great challenge for Domus Academy product designers who, in order to achieve the goal, will also have to consider the safety assessments of Kinder Ferrero, and design new concepts of surprise that are immediate and intuitive.