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Date 28.11.2017
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Domus Academy alumni selected as Emerging Designer of the Year 2017

Keita Ebihara and Elizabeth Soon, Domus Academy alumni of the Master in Fashion Design, were awarded as Emerging Designer of the Year 2017 at the Singapore Fashion Awards along with their brand Ametsubi.

“Ametsubi is a Japanese word,” Mr Ebihara explained. “It comes from the word ame, which means raindrops.” Ms Soon, taking a pen out to elaborate on paper, continued as she wrote, “The original word is ame-tsu-bu that is water droplets. We took these characters and changed the bu to bi.” But that wasn’t all of it: “We met in Italy,” Ms Soon carried on, “and we are one (1) male and one (1) female, we chose [the Roman numeral from the] Latin alphabet ‘I’.”

Ametsubi is a womenswear brand born from the differences of gender and cultures, the brand continues in pursuing the enhancement of daily wear. Their approach to designing is an integration of materials, textures, techniques and details; by reinventing and evolving everyday clothing. It builds upon an attitude to develop products that are modern, and aesthetically progressive.

Keep going this way! Domus Academy is proud of you!