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Rethinking extreme technological intervention with a sensual journey through the world of food

Project by:
Apurva Agarwal, Assya Assenova Dobreva, Dania Korra, Prima Yatinkumar Ramanuj

Envisioning Workshop On The Concept "Stay Foolish, Stay Hungry"

Given the fast pace of technological innovations, some people predict that food will change its form in the future, transforming into pills that contain all the nutrients that humans need. Domus Academy’s students believe that technology’s vast impact is jeopardizing humanity, and that people are gradually disconnecting from the most fundamental elements of life. Jumping to 2121, people will have the opportunity to experience how food used to be in the past, back when people were able to see, taste, smell, and touch their food. During a provocative journey through the world of authentic food, people will be able to reconnect with their senses and rethink extreme technological intervention.

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