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Envisioning Design Workshop

The project starts from a reflection on the fact that staying at home causes people a lot of stress and anxiety, also human behaviour are shifted too.

The target user for this project is a photographer couple, 35-45 years old, working at design studio and doing a freelance job as well. They have a dream of owning a small exhibition and shooting studio after the pandemic.

The student came up with the concept ‘wanderlust’ which means a strong desire to travel.

It represents the different experiences of each space in the house. For example, the multi-level landscape represents the metaphor of travelling which gives a feeling of adventure and fun. Moreover, the designer integrated the green area with architecture in order to merge ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ together, it’s giving a sense of unity and sustainability.

The student categorised the spaces by following the users’ routines which are sleeping, dining, working and relaxing, respectively and finally came up with 6 spaces; bedroom, kitchen, dining room, working space, relaxing space and shooting studio.

These spaces are also grouped into ‘public space’ for welcoming the guests, ‘semi-public space’ for the house owners when they are in quarantine and ‘private space’ only for the house owners.

The purpose behind the project is to give the users a feeling of starting a new journey every day, even if they are at home.

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