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Due to this pandemic, Luliang Chen chose the photographer as the user of his project. Photographers need to frequently work outdoor, therefore functions and lifestyles need to change accordingly.

Project by:
Luliang Chen – student Master’s Programme in Interior & Living Design AY 2019/20

Luliang used the term “wanderlust” as a source of inspiration to develop his design concept for the final project. The project is based on a house for a photographer where creative solutions and scenarios happen under the circumstances of Covid-19. Each area is at a different level with unique arrangements and functions, combined with green area. The house has an original set-up to retain the audience’s wanderlust: a desire to travel around the world again.

While peoplemay not be able to physically travel, it certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t keep dreaming about it. Due to the pandemic, Wanderlust isn’t able to go out, just like a dreamer can’t dream.

Luliang hopes for users to dream at home while they are in isolation, just like their previous daily life, and to feel different moods and experiences at home. Starting from the function, comfort, and homeowners’ hobbies and habits which have brought new surprises to the house. For example, the way people isolate themselves from the outside, the activities at home, how the indoor environment is connected to nature, the mood brought by the environment, the indoor functions that photographers need, etc.

Treating your home like a hotel, cultural cooking, reliving the memories of the past, Indulging in armchair travel are the key concept for the design development.


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