Project Leader | Mentor

Marcello Bondavalli

Project Authors

Melisa Danaci
Natalia Escaleira da Costa
Bianca Fink

Flexible and Dynamic Spaces

Each company has their individual offices for the CEOs. The project managers and designers of each company share a workspace with one another to engage the employees to work together. Common spaces like kitchen, meeting rooms and conference area are shared by everyone. They are flexible and dynamic spaces, adaptable to the different needs of the tenants. In addition, there is a display space for the Event area to showcase different patterns and materials and a photography studio for the photography company. All the spaces are defined by a different colour (subtle tone of blue, pale lavender and pastel green).

The value of the Triune project is the creation of a flexible space, which allows the employees of each company to work together, promoting not only creativity and collaboration, but also interdisciplinary knowledge.

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