Project Leader | Mentor

Alessandro Bonizzoni

Project Authors

Ece Eris
Mishti Shah
Eda Tufekcioglu

The Fashion Incubator Office
The Fashion Incubator Office
The Fashion Incubator Office
Different Generations Under The Same Roof

The students envisioned an idea of office that bring different generations of fashion professions under the same roof in order to work together and collaborate – atelier (past), fashion incubator (present) and digital fashion artists (future). Focusing on interdependency on the work, the space aspired to have as few walls as possible and focused on using the flooring as a graphical canvas to define different spaces and functions across the floors, exploring the idea of signages, patterns and colours – like the theme of patchwork in textile design. Lastly, the idea of creating a catwalk on all floors for formal or casual shows led to create modular furniture, allowing the nature of the space to be transformed instantly for different purposes.

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