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Project in Collaboration with Comune di Milano

Project by:
Gabriela Cortes, Yu Hsiu Shen, Yanisa Udomsakphiboon, Darshan Alatar, Sindhoora Yalla

Empowering Citizens to Communicate with the Comune di Milano

The objective of the project was to empower citizens to communicate low-level city issues to the Comune di Milano. The students’ proposed solution, TellMi, is an app-based service that gives citizens a direct role and voice within the community, supported by a feedback loop with the Comune to make improvements to the city.

TellMi is an innovative way for city administrators to listen to and collaborate with citizens on a community level. Administrators use a dashboard to extract relevant data from the app, view reports, and create heat maps with the data.

For citizens, the service allows them to actively participate in city projects with just a few clicks. For the municipality, the service gives them a seamless way to gain important insights about the city, the citizens, and their own workforce.

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