Project Leader | Mentor

Aoi Hasegawa

Project Authors

Catalina Laura Novoa Galavis
Kanda Meesuwan
Panita Koedcharoen
Pinar Şükran Aydoğdu
Yanqing Wu

Swirling Around
Swirling Around
Swirling Around
A Proper Wine Storage

After exploring the European market and delving into the drinking culture, particularly in Italy, the students recognised the significance of wine, especially in Italian culture. They realised the challenges associated with proper wine storage, which could impact the overall enjoyment of the drink. This realisation sparked the concept of creating a versatile wine cooler that seamlessly transitions from the kitchen to the living room. The goal was to amalgamate multiple functions while ensuring it doesn’t occupy excessive kitchen space. Thus, the wine cooler evolved into a multifunctional piece, serving as a coffee table, storage unit, and a mobile cart for convenient mobility during enjoyable moments.

The vibrant cellar incorporates a wine cooler at the top, featuring LG’s InstaView technology in the glass section. The front-opening lid and a drawer system within securely hold the wines. A glass hanger in the middle accommodates wine glasses, while the compartment below stores essentials like wine openers and stoppers in a wooden section. The bottom part is dedicated to the battery and electrical systems of the product.

In addition to the Wine Swirler, the students also engaged in the design of Cleaning Swirler – a portable cleaning kit enclosed within a stylish furniture – and Styler Swirler, an adaptable closet and storage solution easily integrated into any part of the house.

All three products, also available in various shades, are designed to enhance the experience of the home environment, making it increasingly welcoming and interconnected.

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