Project Leader | Mentor

Luca Mustacchi

Project Authors

Ekim Öztürk
Mine Gündüz
Jaysmi Badole
Mücahit Madenci

Sensory Guardian
Sensory Guardian
Sensory Guardian
A special vest for autistic children

Sensory Guardian is a wearable garment designed for autistic children aged 6-12, aiming to facilitate a seamless transition from home to school for both children and parents. Embedded sensors continuously monitor the child’s vitals and environmental factors. Utilizing advanced Machine Learning algorithms, the system identifies correlations between environmental factors, vitals, and potential seizures. Once the model is trained, it proactively sends precautionary messages to parents and caregivers through a companion app, alerting them before potential triggers occur. Sensory Guardian empowers parents with timely information, fostering a safe and supportive environment for the well-being of children with autism.

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