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An interior and product design project involving young designers to envision future scenarios related to Language.

Project by:
Pavel Lavadaskii, Chen Chih Yang, Yue Yin

Domus Academy Envisioning Workshop Language


The topic of this Envisioning workshop is “Language”. The workshop focused on language-related issues and phenomena which have an impact on society in a medium to long-term perspective, and intends to envision future scenarios based on the crossing of innovative emerging technologies with socio-cultural, geo-political, and strategic considerations. Students were asked to observe and question contemporary phenomena related to Languages with a curious and critical attitude. The objectives of the workshop were to analyze scenarios related to the Language and to create a design concept. The Product Design students had to focus on a “thing”, while the Interior & Living Design students had to focus on a “space”. The result had to anticipate the future while addressing relevant contemporary issues related to Language.

The project Rebirth focuses on the idea to bring dead people back to life in the future. Students ideated a device called C Mask, a psychic mask which can transfers souls from another world. The C Mask is an intermediary device which transform souls into the natural light and have a new journey for the second life. C Mask is abbreviation of Cross Mask which means if you wear the mask that you can cross the boundary of life and birth. They also ideated an application called C Line, which is the abbreviation of Cross Line. People use it to contact with their family and friends if they want to meet each other. With C Mask and C Line, life and dead people can contact with each other. The project of rebirth is a space offering living and dead people the opportunity to meet.


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