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Project in Collaboration with Bombay Sapphire

Project by:
Maya Yıldırım, Joyeeta Kar, Christopher Hermawan, Kaancan Koçer



Bombay Sapphire is assessing the opportunity to increase the dissemination of the new Stir Creativity campaign. Students had the opportunity to design a strategy that strengthen the link between the brand and the world of design, creating interesting contents and events to engage the audience, in order to increase awareness and desire towards the brand Bombay Sapphire and its product. The students have had also an active role on the product design (packaging, drink coaster…) and exhibit/space design (e.g. during the Salone del Mobile 2019).

Everyone is born creatives, with time we unlearn how to be creative. With a little stimulation anyone can discover and connect with their inner artists. For the 2019 campaign, students propose “RE-VIBE”. A change of atmosphere, a change of mood, change of vibe. Today we are fed with an incredible amount of visual information, so students decided to use sound as a stimuli to re-center, re-vibe the body and the soul. A­fter the launch at the Milano Design Week Experience, the campaign continue with activation during the summer with Bombay Vibes (pop up mobile bar) to up sales on-trade and set various publication on various mediums to catch customer’s eye and pursue them to buy the Christmas gi­ft box (off-trade).

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