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Project in Collaboration with Bastard

Project by:
Manjil Masha Raveendran, Angelo Siracusa, Rifang Liang

Product Strategy Workshop

This project aimed to identify strong partners for Bastard in China. It also aimed to launch and promote a fashion collection to its target audience, defined by the students. The partners identified during the project were Gung Ho! Pizzas and Panda Mei. Gung Ho is a Beijing-based pizza delivery chain that is socially responsible and dedicated to the Chinese artist’s community. Panda Mei is an artist and a product designer with a following in China. These partners have similar values to Bastard: community-based, togetherness, and being different. This collaboration combined elements of community, parody, and art, creating a concept that would be enjoyed by the community as a whole, using a component (pizza) liked by so many.

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