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Aoi Hasegawa

Nexus Melissa Project
Nexus Melissa Project
Nexus Melissa Project

Project by: Purima Noiim, Deniz Dokuzer, Vismitha Venkatesh, Gunhi Boar Silva Baticam

We named our project Nex-us because we believe this pop-up store is the connection place that Melissa wants to create in Milan. After analysing the brand’s values and its vision, it became evident that Melissa is about creating connections with people, the ambassadors of the brand. In order to represent this intense connection between the client and Melissa, we were inspired by the original Melissa’s shoes, the aranha style. Like the spider, we want to design a structure that can be built anywhere and will also invade the place where it’s built in order to create experiences that will turn clients into ambassadors.

Instant Melissa Project
Instant Melissa Project
Instant Melissa Project

Project by: Irina Bobyleva, Marlisa Marasco, Jayatee Jayanta Basu, Merve Ozge Ozgumus.

Welcome to #INSTAnt Melissa a pop-up store that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of Melissa!
To the tactile, olfactory and visual sensory experience is added the possibility of becoming the testimonial of Melissa products through the photoshooting area. The design proposal allows the Brazilian brand to spread its energy in the city of Milan and around the world.

Taste Melissa Project
Taste Melissa Project
Taste Melissa Project
Taste Melissa

Project by: Migle Staneliunaite, Pooja Rajesh Kumar, Putthikarn Saikliang, Xinyi Cai.

No matter what region you are in Italy, there’s one Italian treat that never fails to please the entire group: Gelato Italiano! Gelato is the pride of Italians, so when Melissa said they wanted to make their presence felt in Milano, a gelateria was the way to go. On a scorching hot summer day, one would find a Gelato in almost everyone’s hand at some point of the day. Milano’s culture has Gelato infused in it. Summer in Milano with Gelateria Melissa would be perfect because Melissa’s identity is equally as colourful and has a delicious smell just like the various flavours of Gelato.


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