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Project in Collaboration with MUBA and TOG

Project by:
Alice Ridolfi, Megha Damani, Olivia Lucas

Tangible Interactions Workshop

The Polipo project was completed in collaboration with Museo dei Bambini and Fondazione Together to Go. Its six keywords are: companion, friendly, cute, playful, reliable, and soothing. Polipo is a light companion for children, a night-light friend who is always there, sharing his calming light. Using gestures to change the tone frequency in sound mode, the color in color mode, and brightness in light mode helps children develop cognitively and physically. Thanks to his simple design, Polipo is not distracting but is cute and playful, helping to motivate and intrigue children during therapies. Most importantly, Polipo will work like he is supposed to and be reliable for parents, therapists, and children.

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