Project Leader | Mentor

Aoi Hasegawa
Sezgin Aksu

Project Authors

Caterina Fratino

Italian Rural Landscape in Containers

The project consists of seven modules. Each module can be combined with the others in infinite modules. “Pittoresco” recalls with its shapes the typical Italian rural landscape. In fact, its elements, even through the colors, can be identified with the sea, the hill and the city. The consumer, playing with the various modules, can recreate a landscape of his memory on the table. This reasoning can be extended to other realities. In fact, “Pittoresco” aims to expand its collection by adding a new family of elements. This will have as its main theme the square, a meeting place and identification place for a community. They vary the shape of the socket, recalling the different tips of churches and historic buildings. Obviously, each module is raised by feet which give stability and help in gripping.

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