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In collaboration with Ostello Bello

Project by:
Chen-Han Yang, Caren Sfeier, Luisa Barke


The main Idea of the “Portyard“ is to reflect the city of Palermo into the hostels concept. Looking into the location of the new Ostello Bello, students tried to understand more about the city and the surroundings. The first interesting aspect was the short distance to the sea and therefore the port, which plays an important role in Palermo’s everyday life. And a second aspect was that the Ostello Bello would have been located very close to popular becoming street art districts, where artists create graffiti’s to put the old city of Palermo into a new light. These graffiti’s were often related to the topic of the sea, which reflects again the importance of the port for the city’s everyday life.

Students used these two aspects and combined the topic of the street art with the industrial style of the port as well as the materials such as wood, metal, wood pallets and fisher nets. Also, the typical colours where used all over the Hostel such as yellow, red and blue. The idea was to work with local artists so to make a connection between the city and the hostel.

Furthermore, a crane structure was created in the courtyard, where guests can meet other guests, see the sunrise and sunset or just have a drink to enjoy the view. The idea is to give the possibility to cross the boundaries of Ostello Bello and have a straight view to the port.


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