Open Box

Project in Collaboration with Saxoprint

Project by:
Kwangmo Koo, Natnicha Kajkumjohndej, Manjil Raveendran

Identity Design Workshop

The objective of this workshop was to propose a brand identity for Saxoprint’s new product Easybox and to choose a market segment to target, promoting awareness about the product through the right communication channels. Saxoprint is very corporate and professional, and we recognized the opportunity to add a human touch to its existing image and brand values.The new product identity for Easybox is “Openbox.” Anyone can customize the box to their liking and needs, and the product is part of an open community. “Unfold Your Stories” is the campaign slogan that will form a link between the target audience and the product.The promotion will be done through both online and offline platforms. Interactive art installations, pop-up stores, and displays during events such as Design Week, and sponsoring a co-working space that can also act as a showroom for samples, are some of the possible offline channels where the company can promote the product in an efficient and targeted way.

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