Project Leader | Mentor

Project Expert: Nima Gazestani
Project Leader: Stefano Cardini
Programme Leader: Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Jiang Ziyuan,
Kaewprapant Sirikarn,
El Akli Mansour Ghadir,
Peerath lilitsuwan

Move all your senses
Move all your senses
Move all your senses

They worked to develop new business models and connect the community through digital engagement and social media initiatives, reaching new targets and modern languages. Students were invited to Ducati HQ near Bologna to join the Borgo Panigale Experience.

Jiang Ziyuan, Kaewprapant Sirikarn, El Akli Mansour Ghadir, Peerath lilitsuwan, developed a customer journey map analysing strengths and weaknesses. After that they defined new activities to attract a target involving families. Students designed physical and digital activities for children where they can create their own objects and experience about Ducati brand through the use of different tools.

Within the Ducati Museum, students defined several areas of activity. The Creativity Area where the users can explore the augmented reality technology and customize their own Ducati branded outfit. The Movement Area consisting in an interactive zone where participants have the opportunity to test the balance and experience the motion of the motorcycle through the simulator. The Decoration Area, an exhibition zone showing motorcycle components. The last is the Podium Area where thanks to AR camera and sensors, children can experience the feeling of being the winner of a race by standing on the podium with famous racers as a 3D modeled Valentino Rossi.

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