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Project in collaboration with Experientia

Project by:
Wenjun Ou, Sheng-chi Huang, Vorapa Vorapanya


In collaboration with Experientia, a UX research and service design agency, students had to design advanced solutions that improve the way people engage with products and services, increase their sense of competence and positively impact their decisions and behaviours. The goal of the workshop was to create a series of User Interfaces (UI) that lie in the immediate proximity of our body. After having identified a specific field (public, private or public/ private sphere), students had to propose their own Design Challenge and design a UI that delivers a novel form of interaction in times of social distancing.

The project MediMate targets the healthcare experience of Generation Y and explores gesture and voice as interaction modalities. The current health crises, shortages of doctors and allied health professional; difficult to understand medical information led to self-triage and check in concepts in hospitals. Since the Gen Y is a mobile generation, it also wants to be able to view personalized recommendations to improve their health, to spend less time in the hospital and get more patient care services. The project MediMate is a smart mirror contactless for online check-in in the hospital that allows users to access all these desired functions.


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