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Project in Collaboration with Kartell Museo

Project by:
Ayse Yasar, Maria Bustamante, Emir Polat, Christia Chamoun

Design of Spaces Workshop

Domus Academy students were asked to create original and innovative Retail shop scenarios for Kartell. Each student worked in a group, proposing an experimental Retail shop design focusing on the new experience of the brand. Different creative customers’ scenarios and behaviors were analyzed in a proposed environment, in order to bring a new value and potential to this historical brand, Kartell. Each team was asked to generate and to present a digital presentation consisting of concept, scenarios, interior plans, prototypes, sections, rendering images and a teaser video that explains and explores the potentials of the new retail design experience and business strategy.

As retail is no longer simply about shopping. Kartell introduces you to: Kanvas, a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Milan in Via Turati. Kanvas has revolutionized the way art is presented, taking advantage of the structure of the gallery itself composed by two floors, creating two contrasting emotional experiences, where products are elevated to art pieces in the exhibition space whilst in the basement that hypothetically represent the warehouse/store of the gallery, art pieces/products are shown in real ambiances where different stories can be created and visitors can touch feel and try art furniture pieces. The space is activated through an innovative program of multidisciplinary artistic/cultural events and workshops that will bring a radical edge to Milan art and design scene.


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