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Insight Flow

Sacred homes

Project by:
Giacomo Gigliotti, Noemi Benatti, Maja Wilchem


The New Normal – COVID19 and after

Many of the hypothetical scenarios of how we would be living in the future could be reset, or at least modified, as our perception of the current world is changing and so are its possible evolutions. Starting with a self-reflection about actual living conditions, students were called to create together a vision.

Student started the insight flow from the awareness about places and inhabits which define various rituals of everyday life and adding rhythm to their existence. Students would like to bring back ceremonial layer to inhabitants lives and inject sacredness into their homes. The research starts from sacred places, focusing the attention on the materials that guarantee spiritual atmosphere and nobility. The home is characterized by furnishings, shapes and materials that suggest a meaningful way of living this space, creating rituals that benefit the individual and add spiritual layer to life.


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