Project Leader | Mentor

Marina Baracs

Project Authors

Valeria Belousova
Khalid Ajran
Patapong Likitkettanon
Patchara Sriyukrat

Inside Out
Inside Out
Inside Out
Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Combined

The sustainable design combines indoor and outdoor spaces: large sliding glass doors in the internal kitchen connect it to an outside gathering space, making it simple to expand the cooking and dining areas during the warmer months. A sustainable grill and a rainwater collecting system are included in the outside area. The rainwater is then utilised to irrigate the garden in the space. The space is ideal for both cooking and entertaining because of the overall functional, long-lasting, and low maintenance design. The students combined their different cultures, featuring Asian rounded dining table, Russian modified stove and outdoor Arabic sitting area.

With Inside/out the students arrange the function of the kitchen in nowadays life, referring to human behavior to make it easier to cook and make more connection with outdoor space, creating different functional uses and making people living different experiences.

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