Project Leader | Mentor

Sara Ferrari

Project Authors

Ataberk Saraçoğlu
Rami Majzoub

A Repeated Sequence

The inner part of the tiles is formed by mapping the perspective of a 3D block facing us and side shape is an extension to the base pattern with flipped colors. A joint tile is used to create elbow and T joints when needed and it acts like a platform that collects the repeated sequence from the four tiles and send its movement into a different direction.  To get the 3D stream flow along the two-colored tiles, a slight change in the angles of the geometrical shape is applied to each tile. As the area of one-color decrease, the area of the other increase while maintaining certain angles and this is what gives life to these tiles. Three families of tiles were created, one display a color and a lighter shade of the same color and the other two show a dark and a light color with a blank background.

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