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Project in Collaboration with RossoSegnale

Project by:
Sonam Chopra, Alejandro Jose Hernandez Sanchez, Sathima Karunamitr, Navath Sundari Rahin, Kritika Sood

Design of Spaces “3 x B (Bed & Breakfast & Bistrot)”

RossoSegnale is a space that is breaking all the traditions and taboos of what a standard B&B is. Its style is eccentric and eclectic, portraying an illusion of a surreal B&B. This is the fundamental element that the students brought forward in their design—the idea of creating illusions and challenging customers’ perceptions. Italian art and architecture pioneered the use of deceptive perspective to create illusions. This project honors these Italian roots by creating artistic illusions in the café that played with conceptual food and art. In essence, the objective was to create a multisensory illusionary experience for RossoSegnale’s guests—one that creates a lasting impression.

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