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Project in collaboration with Experientia

Project by:
Ye Zhang, Tonmoy Rajkhowa, Arianna Galimberti


In this workshop, students were asked to design innovative solutions, solving complex challenges with the investigation and collection of insights on people’s behaviours, desires and needs in collaboration with Jan-Christoph Zoels, Creative Director of Experientia, an international agency with expertise in strategy, design, cognitive and social psychology, ethnographic and UX research. The goal of the workshop was to create a series of User Interfaces (UI) that lie in the immediate proximity of our body. After having identified a specific field (public, private or public/ private sphere), students had to propose their own Design Challenge and design a UI that delivers a novel form of interaction.

An exemplary combination of a Product and Service for kids aged 7-12 years, the project aims to boost kids’ imagination and translate it into creativity through building and coding. Gingo is designed to allow kids the power over their creation through cardboard modelling and coding sensor technology. It helps children to learn by being social, collaborative friends and family, by exploring with hands, by taking what’s natural to them and then adding a new skill such as computing and programming.

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